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China today and 10 truths make everyone surprised

1.China is building one new city has twice the area of Manhattan

As part of plans to reduce overpopulation pressure for Beijing, China is building 1 green city “completely new and modern.” Called Xiongan, new city will be located 100 kilometers from the capital of the southwest, is planned with an area of 2,000 km2, more than twice New York or Singapore.

2. China is now the second largest economy in the world, even the largest, if calculated according to the method of purchasing power parity (PPP)

With a GDP of $ 11,000 billion, China now contributes 14.8% of global GDP. In terms of purchasing power parity method, China overtook the United States to take a leading position.

In fact the world achieve the millennium goals on poverty reduction is largely thanks to China, contributing more than 75% achievement of the global poverty reduction between 1990 – 2005. Similarly, China also contributed An important part in creating Asia’s mighty middle class.

3. China does not have the “unicorn technology” that lot “unicorn horns”

China’s start-up technology will make you look stunned and even aroused concerns about the bubble. The country now has at least 100 companies “unicorn” (ie, private companies fledgling worth $ 1 billion or more) and 8 “unicorn horns” (decacorns – the startup is valued at 10 billion USD or more). These include some names like “financial arm” of Alibaba Ant Financial, General Didi Chuxing companies go, manufacturer Xiaomi smartphones and Tencent Music.

The total value of the 108 companies in about 435 billion dollars, roughly the size of Belgium’s economy. Meanwhile one veteran company Tencent has become a listed company with the largest market capitalization in Asia with a value of around 255 billion dollars.

4. In China, you can scan the QR code to rent one umbrella

Economic share is forecast to 2020 will contribute 10% of GDP in China. Here you can rent everything from concrete mixers to small things like basketball and umbrellas.

Bike sharing service is booming in China. The two leading companies, Ofo and Mobike, currently have 6 million users a week. The cars are fitted with GPS and guests will scan the QR code for car rental registration. Ofo new born 2 years ago but has been valued at about $ 2 billion.

5. The amount of Chinese investment in renewable energy each year than any other country in the world

Currently China has become the production of solar power the world’s largest with output doubled in the last year. This year, China canceled 100 coal-power plants and concentrated on the world’s largest surface-water solar farm located near Huainan City.

President Xi Jinping is the first major voice in favor of the Paris Agreement against climate change. And the fact that if China and India to reduce the use of fossil fuels, the effects from the decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement and the US will disappear.

However, the process of rapid industrialization has led China encountered serious trouble. Besides the air, water is also polluted. According to some of the calculations, 80% of China’s underground water resources are not suitable for human use, even 70% heavily contaminated that it would be dangerous if touched. China has responded by investing $ 80 billion in 3 super projects to build canals to transfer water from southern urban clusters in the North, East and West.

6. China’s online shopping festival is bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined

11/11 singles holidays are taken as online shopping festival in China. Last year, the total value of orders quickly hit the $ 1 billion mark in just 5 minutes, and total sales this day reached over $ 17 billion.

 Tổng số tiền được chi tiêu trên các chợ thương mại điện tử Taobao và Tmall của Alibaba trong 24 giờ của ngày lễ độc thân.

The total amount spent on Taibao’s e-commerce market and Alibaba’s Tmall during the 24 hours of the single holiday.

7. Rural China has more than 1,000 “Taobao village”

As defined by Alibaba, 1 “Taobao village” is home to more than 10% of households online sales and e-commerce sales reached 10 million yuan (approximately US $ 1.6 million) each year.

Such rural areas are springing up, helping to attract young graduates from the city to return home.Trung Quốc ngày nay và 10 sự thật khiến ai cũng phải ngạc nhiên

Rural China has more than 1,000 “Taobao village”, China will soon become the country with many of the world’s largest patents …

8. China is predicted to become owned several patents in the world in 2 years

It is time for China to be seen as a “world factory” with a wave of cheap “Made in China,” which is emerging as the creative center of the world. In 2016, the number of patents filed by China with the International Patent Office increased 45% to 43,000, only lower than Japan and the United States.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a thriving industry in China. The most powerful supercomputer in the world today is also produced in China.

9. China is building a new Silk Road

The initiative “A belt, a path” will create 2 corridor new trade (one on land and one at sea) connected China with the neighbors in the west including the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. China has pledged $ 1,000 billion in funding for the project, targeting the 3 billion population market. In fact China is forecast to overtake the US as the most powerful superpower world in 2030, in terms of both GDP and export trade.

10. Young Chinese woman writer Jingfang Hao won the prestigious Hugo Award 2016

Which is one of economic researchers, Hao Jingfang is the author of “Folding Beijing”, the novel has won the best in the field of science fiction short. The book portrays Beijing through the lens of the three different classes in Chinese society, addressing the very real issues and the downside of the rapidly changing economy.


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